Wolf torturer-killer Josh Bransford works for US Forest Service

Josh Bransford is a federal employee with the U.S. Forest Service, Nez-Perce National Forest. It may be that this individual is ill suited to carrying out the mission of this federal agency. The photos depict behaviors that demonstrate a contempt for national forest and wildlife.

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Letter to Forest Service Chief Thomas L. Tidwell [78 KB PDF]

Fight Back for Wolves – Utah Environmental Congress

Josh Bransford, Fire Management Officer, at the Red River Ranger District at (208) 842-2123

Dead wolf photos stir tensions in West

Photos of dead and maimed wolves have pervaded the Internet in recent weeks, raising tensions in the Northern Rocky Mountains over renewed hunting and trapping of the once federally protected animals.

The Language of Abuse:

Here’s what the killers say of themselves:

“Always keep in mind that we are the true protectors of wildlife and the wild places in which the animals live.”

Here it is again, corrected for reality, what they actually do:

“Always keep in mind that we are the true destroyers of wildlife and the wild places in which the animals are killed.”



Protecting and conserving wildlife.